Valerie lives in Northwest Vermont. She teaches Yin Yoga for better sleep and relaxation each Thursday night at the Bristol Cohousing Peake House - 16 North Street, Bristol Vermont from 8:30-10pm. Call 330.397.1250 to speak with Valerie. Classes are $10 and free for Cohousers!

Valerie provides aromatherapy, an essential oil self-massage, hot rocks during Savasana, and plays the singing bowls all for added relaxation during this class. We can also choose to sit in a chair during Yin Yoga if there are injuries that may prevent standing.

Valerie co-teaches Kundalini Yoga at Open Sky Studio, upstairs, 8 Main St, in Bristol Vermont on Wednesdays from 9:30 am - 11 am, beginning July 2019.

Mandala Temple Painting, Madauri, India
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